调整墓碑 调整墓碑 调整墓碑
Eyewitness on Master Yu Guang’s Feng Shui Practice
By Tian-Qi Wang
A friend called me on December 4, 2007 for help and advice. Her friend’s family had been in deep sorrow since their father’s recent pass-away. They desperately needed assistance to find a suitable gravesite with good Feng Shui. I have some Feng Shui knowledge and happened to know that Master Yu Guang was in Boston at the time. So, I recommended Master Yu to help them. Master Yu is a very nice and easy person. He promised on phone that he would do his best to satisfy the family’s needs and to assist the late old man on his way to the heaven.

As a matter of fact, they were very shocked and nervous, so that they really needed to be calmed and comforted by someone like Master Yu. Equipped with his rich knowledge and extensive experience, Master Yu applied all relevant Feng Shui factors, such as geography, geology, hydrology and environment, combined with the late old-man’s birthday related eight characters and other requirements of the family throughout the site selection process. He finally found a perfect site with excellent Feng Shui and made the family very happy. The professional American salesman of cemeteries was surprised that selection of a gravesite could be so complicated, so profound, and so satisfactory yet make so much sense. He declared that he would also want Master Yu to select a site for him in the future. Master Yu’s services did not stop there, though. He spent the next two days to perform all aspects of the Feng Shui procedure until the completion of funeral and burial. All the family, relatives and friends attended the funeral were impressed.

Although I have seen western style funerals in movies before, to witness Master Yu’s Feng Shui practice from site selection through burial ceremony was quite an experience. I was deeply touched by Master Yu’s character, scholarship and professionalism, with a perfect combination of comprehensive theory and practical approaches.