Master Yu Guang Talks About the Real Meaning of Feng Shui
A brand new, six-star hotel was opened into operation in earlier 2008 at Boston fashionable and gorgeous Back Bay area. It provides world-class facilities, luxury accommodations, and extraordinary services. Located at the corner of Boyleston Street and Newburry Street, the new hotel is in the neighborhood of lots of famous brand stores, the well-known Central Park of Boston and the recently completed South-End Recovery Project as a bright shining star decorated right in the center of this beautiful American metropolis. Its sumptuous and tasteful design is comfortable and satisfactory, enjoyed and praised by visitorts from all over the world.。
It is hard to image, though, there was a fire not long ago that damaged the whole building and made the hotel like a ruin without guests.
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Tell fortune according to one’s horoscope based on his or her Characters
Ward off calamities and exorcise evil spirits by rearranging one’s Feng Shui status
A talisman protecting one’s matrimonial life
Consecrate crystal and jade utensils with heaven’s blessing
Pray for residence houses, businesses, hotels and restaurants
Adjust the magnetic fields
Select and ornament gravesites
Pursue good fortunes while exorcising evil spirits
Promote prosperous family and flourishing wealth
Urban Planning