>> Tell fortune according to one’s horoscope based on his or her Characters
 >> Ward off calamities and exorcise evil spirits by rearranging one’s Feng Shui status
 >> A talisman protecting one’s matrimonial life
 >> Consecrate crystal and jade utensils with heaven’s blessing
 >> Pray for residence houses, businesses, hotels and restaurants
 >> Adjust the magnetic fields
 >> Select and ornament gravesites
 >> Pursue good fortunes while exorcising evil spirits
 >> Promote prosperous family and flourishing wealth
 >> Urban Planning
Yu Guang Feng Shui Research Association can provide you a full range of integrated Feng Shui services. No matter what your needs may be – to buy a house or a piece of land, to open a new business, to hold a wedding or a funeral, or to resolve an unexpected challenge in your life – Master Yu Guang will guide you through all the complications and exorcise any evil spirits for you using his comprehensive expertise handed down by his family through generations and his thorough Feng Shui investigations. For many years, Master Yu’s successful Feng Shui practices have been witnessed and highly regarded throughout the United States, Canada, South America and Southeastern Asia. In addition, he travels to Hong Kong and Mainland China every year.